The Value of Cruise Vacations


If given the same budget for a cruise or resort I will choose a cruise because of the added value cruises offer everyone. Imagine going on a vacation with 8 to 16 of your friends and family members. I’m sure you can imagine that everyone has different interests; which means the vacation won’t be fun for everyone unless you can find a way to accommodate everyone. When you go on a cruise most of the planning is done for you. Aside from the shore excursions or other things you do at the ports, all the entertainment and events onboard the ship is planned for you at no additional cost. Essentially everyone will have more fun because they can do what makes them happy. Each day you will receive a program telling you the activities that are planned for the day. You will have 24-hour dining options and so many activities to do that you won’t have enough time to do everything.

What about alcohol and the cost of specialty dining?

Yes, alcohol and specialty dining is an additional fee. However, there are ways to make them less expensive. Did you know Norwegian cruise line often allow customers to get a beverage or specialty dining package and all the customer has to pay is a small service charge? Other than Norwegian cruise line many other cruise lines sell beverage packages. If you purchase the package at least one day prior to your sailing, it will be cheaper than if you purchase it while on the cruise.  I will write another article on the cost of alcohol that will go into more detail on how to save money.


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