Powdery white-sand beaches, lush green mountains, and sheltered, yacht-filled harbors characterize the islands of Tortola, the British Virgin Island’s largest capital island.
Tortola is known for its breathtaking national parks, historic sites, spectacular bike trails and some of the best underwater sightseeing in the Caribbean.
A must-visit in Tortola is Cane Garden Bay, consistently named one of the top ten beaches in the Caribbean, and home to a handful of world-famous bars, restaurants, and clubs, all playing lively local music. But if you prefer more seclusion, Smugglers Cove is a photogenic beach that’s located slightly off the beaten track. But definitely worth the effort to reach.
If you’re the adventurous type, go windsurfing, kayaking, kiting, or snorkeling in the crystal-clear waters in search of exotic marine life. If diving is your passion, you can book trips from the island to some spectacular locations, including Rhone National Marine Park – around a 30-minute boat ride from Tortola.
Beneath the waves lies one of the best wreck dives in the world, including The Wreck of the Rhone – a royal mail steamer sunk by a hurricane in 1867.

Click Here: Tortola


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