Do Travel Agents Cost More?

travel agent.jpg

Do travel agents cost more? Well, that depends on the agent you work with. Many agents refuse to charge a service fee, while others do charge an additional fee. Either way, you are better off using a travel agent for booking your vacations because of the expertise they offer. Even if an agent cost a little more, you are getting a premium service that cruise lines and resorts do not offer. After you book online or directly with the cruise line or resort, there is no need for those vendors to do research for you that will make your vacation better. Those vendors are only concerned about the service they offer while you are on their property. Travel agents are invested in making sure every aspect of your vacation is great. That means they are involved in the entire process from researching the trip to being on call while you are on the trip should any problems arise, and after the trip getting your feedback and preparing you for your next dream vacation. Travel agents are your personal consultants!


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